OEM Licensed Solutions to Vehicle Security Access Requirements

Bosch ADS Series tools are licensed by FCA to support secure access to unlock the Secure Gateway Module (SGW) found in late model vehicles - seamlessly and within seconds.

What is Secure Gateway Module (SGW) and what is impacted?

  • More OEMs are implementing security measures on new vehicle models to protect the vehicle’s communication networks from potential cyber-attack exposure
  • Starting with most 2018 models, FCA implemented a Secure Gateway Module (SGW), similar to a “firewall”, to protect the vehicle network
  • Only licensed diagnostic tools with internet access are compliant to properly unlock the SGW's tester authentication process to perform certain diagnostic functions
  • Diagnostic functions requiring SGW unlock:
    • Clearing DTCs
    • All bi-directional functions (calibrations, relearns, actuations, and adjustments)

What are the requirements to access SGW-equipped vehicles?

Unlocking FCA Secure Gateway Module-protected vehicles with Bosch ADS requires 2 steps:

  • 1. AutoAuth Account Set-up:

    Complete a one-time account setup and tool registration with AutoAuth

  • 2. Bosch ADS Tool Requirements

    Update to the version 4.0 or higher software, connected to Wi-Fi and enter AutoAuth credentials when prompted on tool

Get set up with AutoAuth

Shop Owners

  1. Create AutoAuth user account (free)
  2. Create your shop account

    Annual fee applies

  3. Add techs as users to Shop Account

    The first six users, including the shop owner, are included with the standard fee. Add up to 100 additional users for a minimal fee.

  4. Add up to 100 scan tools


  1. Create AutoAuth user account (free)
  2. Provide your username to the shop owner to be added to the shop account

Bosch ADS Seamless SGW Access

After AutoAuth account is set-up, confirm your ADS tool is updated to the version 4.0 or higher software and connected to WiFi

Screen 1

Upon ID’ing the vehicle on Bosch ADS, you will be notified if the vehicle is SGW-equipped.

Functions that requiring unlocking (clearing DTCs, bi-directional functions) will prompt for AutoAuth username and password.

Screen 2

Upon entering a valid username and password, select “Continue”. Your credentials and diagnostic tool are now authenticated online, and ready to unlock the SGW!